What can I do with the myUMES Portal? What can I do with the myUMES Portal?


Single Point of Access to your Web Apps

Virtually all of the online applications you routinely use that you would otherwise have to sign-in to separately using your UMES username and password (i.e. Exchange Email, PeopleSoft Grades and Schedules, Blackboard/WebCT, etc) are now delivered to you in one location, and accessible with the single login into the myUMES portal.

Get the Latest Announcements, News, and Events

News Portlet: News Portlets are a great way to keep track of the most current news available. News Portlets update themselves automatically, and can be fed in from either on or off campus!

Announcements Portlet: Announcements Portlets are a great way to ensure you'll be continually informed of upcoming events and happenings on the campus that are of interest to you. You can subscribe to any of the available announcements feeds from participating University Organizations, and remain connected to their events schedules.

Calendar Portlet: The Calendar Portlet maximizes the effectiveness of communicating announcements and events in a date/time planner oriented style. In myUMES, the Calendar Portlet is tailored to display academic annoucmements and events.

Your Profile

You can take advantage of your myUMES profile page, which is specifically designated to be customized for your account. Feel free modify the design, layout, and functionality of your profile page as you prefer, fitting your unique style and identity.

Online Communities

You can create, join, and maintain online communities within the myUMES portal. Online Communities are a great way to facilitate the communication of events and nformation for special groups, orgainzations, or interests on campus that may require membership.

Connect to Your Existing Social Networks and Web Apps

You can connect to a variety of popular social networks and web applications to which you may already be a member of. These include Facebook, Google Mail, and more. Upon setting up your connectivity, you only need to submit your login creditials once; and afterward, you will be automatically connected through your myUMES portal login.

Your Portal Account Your Portal Account


What is my Username?

Upon successful completion of the admission process (or University Faculty/Staff membership), you will be issued a username and password. Please allow up to 1 business day for account creation, except during registration periods (accounts created during registration are often created within 1 hour). Upon creation, your username will typically consist of the initials of your frst and middle name, followed by your full last name. For example, if your name is Phil A Taylor, your username will most likely be pataylor.

What is my Password?

The IT Helpdesk will provide you with a new generic password which must be changed by you upon your first login; and is only valid within the 24 hour period after the time it was created. For security reasons, your password must comply with the specificatios set forth within the UMES IT Password Policy page.

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