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Helpful Contacts:
HawkWeb Help Desk
General help with using HawkWeb
IT Help Desk
Help with login account, password problems or student network
Questions regarding admissions to the University
Help with registering, term activation, and transcripts
Help with making payments and available payment plans
Financial Aid
Help with seeking financial resources


Q: I forgot my username, what can I do?

Generally your username is your first and middle initial followed by your last name. The username is always in lowercase.

Q: What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

On the MyUMES login page you can enter your username under the 'Forgot Password' section.  You will be prompted to answer your security questions and once answered correctly, your password will be reset.

Q: What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer • version 6 is no longer supported! Please upgrade your browser.

Internet Explorer • version 7 • JavaScript enabled

Internet Explorer • version 8 • JavaScript enabled

FireFox • version 3.0 • JavaScript enabled

Safari • 3.1 • JavaScript enabled

myUMES uses the latest web technologies and will be upgraded continually to accommodate new features. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the most recent version of your browser.

Q: I heard the word "portlet" used. What does that mean?

The pieces or parts of a portal page, such as the news feed, the current weather, or the Web search tool, are referred to by several different terms: portlets, services, channels, tools, etc. We tend to refer to them on this project as "portlets" because it seems to be a clear term, but we often use the word services or tool to convey the idea that something is useful when delivered to the portal.

Q: A portal is just a collection of bookmarks, right?

Not exactly. A bookmark helps you quickly revisit a site you've already found, but it involves an extra connection. Example: to peruse takes a site visit to scan through the articles to see what's new and interesting. The myUMES portal automatically retrieves headlines from each site (if both are in your layout) so you can scan both at once for interesting articles.

Q: Why do I receive a message about secure and non-secure items when I use myUMES Portal?

Basically, this is a message generated only to the Internet Explorer browser that some of our portlets pull in information from external sites (weather, verse of the day, etc.) and this information is not encrypted. That's what generates the warning. You must click No when prompted to either view webpage content that was delivered securely or not; in order to properly view all content. Be assured that all information retrieved from the internal systems of UMES are protected with encryption.